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Labor Intensive

“It’s hard enough to be a new mom,” Bailey says. “With the pandemic added, it’s really overwhelming.”. In the wake of a statewide lockdown, Bailey found herself more detached than ever. Out of caution, Bailey’s mother stopped coming over to help with the kids, and her only childcare help evaporated.
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Why No Sex Is the New Sex on Reality TV

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What Do Womxn Want?

In late 2016, shortly after the election of Donald Trump, feminists in Seattle met to discuss their branch of the Women’s March. The march’s name, which would be printed on all the local promotion materials, soon came up as something that could be updated. “Our organizing group is superdiverse, and one of the core organizers, who is a nonbinary person, proposed that we use the word ‘womxn’ to make sure that everyone felt included,” said Elizabeth Hunter-Keller, the communications chair for what soon became known as the Womxn’s March Seattle.
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How HBO Is Changing Sex Scenes Forever

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Are Abortions Reversible?

A massive billboard looms over my San Francisco neighborhood, towering above taquerias, bars, and churches. It features a giant photo of a woman and her baby—at night, they're illuminated against the dark sky. The text next to them reads, "Change your mind? I did," and offers the number for a hotline that's staffed 24/7.
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Dying is Now A Choice

Hawaii’s Medical Aid in Dying law takes effect Jan. 1, but doctors are among the local professionals who are not ready to deal with the law. Mary, a 78-year-old Hawaii resident, doesn’t look like someone who would want to end her own life. She wears bright colors, is quick to laugh and visits with friends daily.
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2 Honolulu Officers Killed and 7 Homes Burned in Violent Outburst

A disgruntled tenant facing eviction opened fire on the police on Sunday, killing two officers and setting fire to the bungalow where he had been staying, officials said. The blaze spread to six other nearby homes that were destroyed, the authorities said. The violent outburst in Honolulu started when the gunman stabbed his landlord in the leg, leaving her in serious condition, said Susan Ballard, the Honolulu police chief, during a news conference Sunday night.
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Welcome to an American Town Where Trump Hate Could Cripple the Economy

Mayor David Smith has lived in Bisbee, Arizona, a historic mining town 20 minutes from the Mexican border, for more than a decade. To Smith and most people in Bisbee, the border is little more than a technicality standing between them and cheap dental care, good tequila, and late-night tacos. Smith often drives across the border to have lunch in one of his favorite restaurants in Cananea, a Sonoran mining town about an hour away.
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Future of Sex: How Close Are Robotic Love Dolls?

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Amanda Eller, Hiker Lost in Hawaii Forest, Is Found Alive After 17 Days

It had been 17 days since anyone had seen Amanda Eller. Her car was spotted near a trailhead in a vast forest reserve in Hawaii, and thousands of search volunteers were scouring the jungles and streams nearby. On Friday afternoon, less than an hour after her family announced a $50,000 reward for information, rescuers found Ms.
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The People Who Think Air Is Food

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How to Make Friends Online the Old-Fashioned Way (Buying Clothes Together)

Emily Useche, who is 27 and lives in Arkansas, had just put her baby down for a nap one afternoon when she decided to post some family photos on Facebook. But she didn’t simply upload them for friends and family to see. She also posted the photos to a private Facebook group for a whole other community: A fan club for Pyne & Smith Clothiers.
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